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MEGA-5 MS Xil - Application Notes     Dioxins and Furans - MEGA-5 MS Xil     FAST-GC Solutions
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EPA Methods     MEGA-DEX Chiral Columns     FAST-GC
EPA Method 551 (Halogenated Volatiles)   NEW     Alpha-Pinene  NEW     Bergamot Oil - MEGA-1701 FAST   
EPA Method 602 (Purgeable Aromatics)     Beta-Pinene     Bergamot Oil - MEGA-SE54 FAST
EPA Method 604 (Phenols)     Camphor     Bergamot Oil - MEGA-WAX FAST
EPA Method 606 (Phthalate Esters)     Cineol     Chamomile Oil - MEGA-1701 FAST   
EPA Method 607 (Nitrosamines)     Delta-Lactones - Gamma-Lactones     Chamomile Oil - MEGA-SE54 FAST
EPA Method 608/8081 (Organochlorine Pesticides)   
    Hexobarbital     Chamomile Oil - MEGA-WAX FAST
EPA Method 610/8100 (PAHs)     Faustrime Essential Oil     FAMEs cis-trans - MEGA-10 FAST
EPA Method 611/8110 (Haloethers)     Isoborneol     Allergens - MEGA-1701 FAST
EPA Method 612 (Chlorinated Hydrocarbons)     Isobornyl Acetate     Allergens - MEGA-SE54 FAST
EPA Method 619 (Triazines - Herbicides)        Lavandulol     Allergens - MEGA-WAX FAST
      Linalool, Linalyl Acetate     Pesticides - MEGA-1701 FAST
      Linalool, Linalool Oxyide     Pesticides - MEGA-SE54 FAST
      Menthols     Solvents - MEGA-VOC 2 FAST
      Menthols 2     Residual Solvents (USP 467 - OVIs)
      Menthone, Isomenthone        
      Carvone  NEW      
      Neomenthol  NEW       

Generals               Custom Dedicate Columns Applications
Alcohols       Ketones       Amines - Basic Compounds - MEGA-BASIC
Alkyl Naphthalens       Natural Gas Hydrocarbons       Anaesthetics Gases - MEGA-VOC 2   NEW
Amides       Nitrosamines       Biodiesel FAMEs
Amines       Organic Acids       Biodiesel Glycerin, Triglycerides
Anaesthetics - Basic Drugs       Organophosphorus Pesticides       Blood Alcohol - MEGA-ALC 1 & 2
Butter Triglycerides       Phenols       FAMEs cis-trans - MEGA-10
Cyclic Hydrocarbons       Sterols - Olive Oil       Halogenated Aqueous Compounds - MEGA-DAI
Dimethylanilines       Volatile Acidic Compounds       Olive Oil FAMEs cis-trans - MEGA-10
Drugs of Abuse - Basic Drugs       AROCLOR (PCBs) - Quick Screening       Organophosphorus Pestic. - MEGA-POF 1   NEW
Drugs of Abuse - Cannabinoids       Basic Drugs Underivatized         Solvents - MEGA-SOLVE
FAMEs - C4-C18               Solvents 2 - MEGA-SOLVE    NEW
FAMEs - C6-C24               Solvents - MEGA-VOC 1    NEW
Flavor & Fragrances Compounds               Sterols (TMS) - Corn Oil - MEGA-LAP
Food Pack. Residual Solvents   NEW               Sterols (TMS) - Peanut Oil - MEGA-LAP
Free Acids               Sterols (TMS) - Soy Oil - MEGA-LAP
                Sterols (TMS) - Sunflower Oil - MEGA-LAP
                Triglycerides - Hazelnut Oil - MEGA-LAP
                Triglycerides - Olive Oil - MEGA-LAP
                Vodka - MEGA-WAX Spirit   NEW
                Solvents List - MEGA-SOLVE