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domenica, 08 gennaio 2023
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pitt_logo08_add_under_4c_logo.jpgMEGA snc was present at PittCon Conference & Expo 2008, held in New Orleans, with two publications in collaboration with DANI Instruments SpA (Viale Brianza, 87 - I 20093, Cologno Monzese - MI) and the University of Torino (Dipartimento di Scienza e Tecnologia del Farmaco - Via P. Giuria, 9 - I 10125 Torino).

Discover new revolutionary products presented at PittCon 2008:


  • The new Column MEGA-2DTM (*) Line: a new revolutionary open tubular capillary column coated in series with different film thickness of two different stationary phases in a single fused silica tubing. This column is especially made to improve GCxGC performance since it avoids the use of unions (press-fits or low dead volume connections) between the first and the second dimension thus eliminating a possible source of leaks and reducing band broadening effects. The advantages of the single column are here shown through the results of a set of samples including n-alkanes. OPEN/DOWNLOAD POSTER (PDF) .
  • New injector FAST-ON-COLUMNTM (*): this new injector developed in collaboration with DANI Instruments SpA and worldwide exclusively commercialised by DANI SpA, combines the benefits of an On-Column with the versatility of use of Split Injectors. The new FAST-ON-COLUMN automated inlet system provides nanoliters injections directly into the column of the sample as liquid! Discover the performances of this extraordinary injector: you can finally inject in FAST-GC in Cool-On-Column mode and an excellent alternative to existing injectors is now available!. OPEN/DOWNLOAD POSTER (PDF) .
*: Patented products by DANI Instruments SpA
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