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marted́, 09 luglio 2019
Analytica 2018 - Thank you! PDF Print E-mail
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New Catalog PDF Print E-mail

The new catalog is here!

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MEGA GC products catalog 2018   
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Heliflex AT- and Econo-Cap EC- GC columns PDF Print E-mail
HeliflexTM EconoCapTM GC columns image  

HeliflexTM "ATTM- +" and Econo-CapTM "ECTM- +" GC columns   

MEGA is proud to announce that we will introduce, in addition to our exisiting MEGA products line, the HeliflexTM and Econo-CapTM branded GC columns. 

MEGA will continue to produce (*) the "ATTM-" and "ECTM-" GC columns (for example ATTM-624+ o ECTM-WAX+) in order to supply you HeliflexTM and Econo-CapTM columns fully equivalent to those you've always used until now.

Please read here for full and detailed communication.

Please  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more info. Thank you!

(*): under W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (GRACE) Alltech Associates, Inc. exclusive License.


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35th Anniversary PDF Print E-mail
35th Anniversary poster image
Flexibility, experience and quality PDF Print E-mail

Complete flexibility, high quality. 


Custom lengths, film thicknesses are available for every column in our catalog. Ask us for a completely personalized product, including a specific phase polarity tuning, without any additional cost. Thanks to our experience (over 30 years) we can offer you the best support to choose and optimize all parameters for your GC analysis.

You will find in us and in our products, flexibility, experience and quality.


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Custom Columns Image     

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