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New Catalog PDF
sabato, 14 aprile 2018

The new catalog is here!

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MEGA GC products catalog 2018   
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Analytica 2018 - Thank you! PDF
sabato, 14 aprile 2018
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Heliflex AT- and Econo-Cap EC- GC columns PDF
giovedý, 23 giugno 2016
HeliflexTM EconoCapTM GC columns image  

HeliflexTM "ATTM- +" and Econo-CapTM "ECTM- +" GC columns   

MEGA is proud to announce that we will introduce, in addition to our exisiting MEGA products line, the HeliflexTM and Econo-CapTM branded GC columns. 

MEGA will continue to produce (*) the "ATTM-" and "ECTM-" GC columns (for example ATTM-624+ o ECTM-WAX+) in order to supply you HeliflexTM and Econo-CapTM columns fully equivalent to those you've always used until now.

Please read here for full and detailed communication.

Please  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more info. Thank you!

(*): under W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn. (GRACE) Alltech Associates, Inc. exclusive License.


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35th Anniversary PDF
mercoledý, 31 dicembre 2014
35th Anniversary poster image
Flexibility, experience and quality PDF
sabato, 20 aprile 2013

Complete flexibility, high quality. 


Custom lengths, film thicknesses are available for every column in our catalog. Ask us for a completely personalized product, including a specific phase polarity tuning, without any additional cost. Thanks to our experience (over 30 years) we can offer you the best support to choose and optimize all parameters for your GC analysis.

You will find in us and in our products, flexibility, experience and quality.


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Custom Columns Image     

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New Application Notes Page PDF
mercoledý, 18 luglio 2012
New MEGA Application Notes  


Visit the new Applications page of our website! Discover our application notes like you've never seen before!

All our application notes are now available with a new layout which will make you discover the performance of our products like never before. 

We have also incorporated into our database brand new applications and other new application notes will be continuously added.

Click here to see now the new Applications page


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mercoledý, 10 febbraio 2010

MEGA presents the new WaX-HT GC column ,Wax-HT Image

the only Carbowax column that can reach 300°C (even in isothermal mode)!

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Read the "LCGC -Europe" February 2010 issue; a technical article shows the performances of this new column applied to FAST-GC and GCxGC.

Click here to read the online free article. 

NEW MEGA-MS Stationary Phases PDF
giovedý, 05 febbraio 2009
MEGA GC-MS ColumnsNist Search 2.0
MEGA updates its GC-MS Columns line with three new MS stationary phases.


All MEGA-MS phases provide minimal bleeding and a high stabilty at high temperatures. Discover the new MEGA-MS stationary phases. In addition to the existing MEGA-5 MS, MEGA-1 MS and MEGA-WAX MS, we add three new MS phases:

  • MEGA-35 MS (35% Phenyl, 65% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid Polarity)
  • MEGA-17 MS (50% Phenyl, 50% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid to High Polarity)
  • MEGA-225 MS (25% Cyanopropyl, 25% Phenyl, 50% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid To High Polarity)
lunedý, 28 aprile 2008
Speed up your analysis with MEGA FAST-GC Columns!
Fast-GC allows accurate and consistent analyses up to 10 times faster than standard GC; with FAST-GC you can get only 1-2 min long analysis. Quicker results allow more timely decisions, less product waste, more higher-value products, and a shorter time to market. MEGA offers you the widest choice of FAST-GC columns with phases that don't have any equivalent on the market, with the best price! MEGA has in fact developed a special filling method for narrow-bore FAST-GC columns to assure the best performances!

  • Download for free the "FAST-GC Guide" (PDF File with applications) and discover the easy way you can safe time and costs on your analysis!

You can also save in the column costs!  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  to discover the FAST-GC special offer!
To make easier and more clear what is FAST-GC and how you can work with, MEGA offers a totally free "Guide to the Use of FAST-GC". In addition, MEGA gives you an exclusive service: you can send us your sample and we inject it for you, to show you the performances of FAST-GC on your particular real analytical problem! This service is totally free also on the price of the column eventually purchased and it is valid also for method optimizations! (We offer this incredible service even for Conventional GC, to give you the possiblity try, for exemple,  different stationary phases and optimize your analytical method)!
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