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giovedý, 18 aprile 2019
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MEGA updates its GC-MS Columns line with three new MS stationary phases.


All MEGA-MS phases provide minimal bleeding and a high stabilty at high temperatures. Discover the new MEGA-MS stationary phases. In addition to the existing MEGA-5 MS, MEGA-1 MS and MEGA-WAX MS, we add three new MS phases:

  • MEGA-35 MS (35% Phenyl, 65% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid Polarity)
  • MEGA-17 MS (50% Phenyl, 50% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid to High Polarity)
  • MEGA-225 MS (25% Cyanopropyl, 25% Phenyl, 50% Methyl Polysiloxane - Mid To High Polarity)
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